Welcome to the Bear Flat History Group website, dedicated to researching the history of Bear Flat and its environs, presenting Bear Flat history in easily accessible articles and generally providing a history resource for anyone interested in our neighbourhood.

The site is in continuous development.  If you have any material that you think might be of interest, please do let us know by emailing at history@bearflat.org.uk.

Latest updates – January 2021

The website has been out of action for a long time but I’m very happy that it is now back on line.  There are no new article or image gallery updates since 2016 but I hope to rectify this with new articles coming up.

 A note on copyright

We will always seek permission from and acknowledge copyright holders in publishing copyright material.  However, the copyright provenance of material is not always clear.  If you believe we have violated your copyright by publishing your material on this site, please contact the History Group via our email address history@bearflat.org.uk.