Answer to July 2013

Despite the declaration of ‘Chemist’, this is now the threshold to ‘The Floral Touch’ flower shop opposite The Bear Pub.

floral touch

There is an interesting story behind this threshold.  The terrace containing The Floral Touch, ie from the “Mercy in Action” charity shop to Da Vinci’s delicatessen was originally called Hayesfield Terrace, built in 1896.  It originally had Edward Batten’s grocer where the charity shop is now, with Davis & John chemist next door (this was a branch of the business in Old Bond Street).  The unusual frontage to The Floral Touch was originally part of the grocer’s at the end of the terrace, as can be seen in this 1906 photograph of the terrace.  However, this suffered considerable bomb damage in 1942 and had to be completely rebuilt – you can see the very different design of the charity shop building compared to the rest of the terrace.  However, the frontage was rescued and built onto the front of the surviving chemist shop.

Hayesfield Terrace - cropped