Bloomfield Avenue

Images of and from Bloomfield Avenue

These photographs are courtesy of Mark and Rosy Richardson of Bloomfield Avenue and shows photographs of Bloomfield Avenue, dates uncertain but probably 1930s

A game of tennis in the centre of Bloomfield Avenue. These courts are still in use
avenue tennis court
The buidling on the right of the picture (numbers 12 and 13) was badly damaged by bombing in 1942 and had to be completely re-built, as can be seen from this more recent photo taken from roughly the same position.  Number 11 immediately to the left  was also so badly damaged that it had to be rebuilt, in exactly the same style as its semi-detached neighbour.



Another view of the tennis courts. this time looking back to the house (on the left) from which our first photo was taken. The open spaces either side of the two buildings have now had houses built on them.
Here we see the eastern end of the central area, looking towards the Bear Flat entrance to the Avenue. Here the area is clearly under cultivation, whilst now it is a “wild area” of grasses, wild flowers and trees.
A view of numbers 61 and 99 facing onto the tennis courts.
This photo was taken from Bloomfield Avenue and shows the backs of 110, 112, 114 and 116 Wells Road.  The double decker bus seen between 112 and 114 is about to turn downhill just by the Wells Road junction with Oldfield Road.  These houses were built on the grounds of Chelsea House and were originally addressed as 1 to 4 Chelsea House Gardens.  My thanks to Peter Brooke for identifying this photo for us.